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Fin whales feast on Vis

Less than a month after the president of the Plavi svijet Organisation, Draško Halcer, recorded a fin whale off the coast of the island of Vis, the Organisation was informed about four whales in the sea around the island of Vis spotted by fishermen from Kaštel Kambelovac on the Mira fishing boat who caught some very interesting scenes on their camcorder.
Holcer confirmed that these also belonged to the fin whale species or Balaenopteri physalus, the world’s second largest animal, which lives in practically all seas and oceans. In the Mediterranean, their mostly reach the size of up to 20m, and, as it turns out, they are not as rare guests in the Adriatic as it was presumed before.

- Besides being on Veli Lošinj, our institute is also based on the island of Vis, where we have been studying large marine vertebrates for five years. Even though people might think that there are no whales in our sea, these animals seem to have been making their appearance in the Adriatic every year since we have been recording their presence. However, we still do not have enough evidence to confirm it. However, we can safely say that whales regularly come here in springtime when their feeding needs to be increased. In fact, they feed on small pelagic fish and plankton crustaceans that the Adriatic abounds in at this time of the year, so they come here to feast - says Holser, denying theories that whales strayed into the Adriatic Sea or that they followed ships there.

- The Adriatic is a part of their regular route. We do not know their exact number yet, but we must accept them as a part of the Adriatic Sea fauna - says Draško Holcer, adding that fin whales are a permanent species in the Adriatic Sea and it is the only population which does not migrate in the summer months to polar areas in pursuit of food. It is this relative isolation and a small number of individual animals that enter the Mediterranean and leave for the Atlantic Ocean that account for genetic differences between the Mediterranean and Atlantic populations. It is estimated that their number in the Mediterranean Sea does not surpass several thousand, which makes this species an endangered one.

- The number of whales has deteriorated in the whole world thanks to different events such as climatic changes, pollution of the seas and increased sea traffic. Their collisions with ships are a great problem, and so are large fishing nets in which they get entangled. It is important to emphasise that whales are peaceful creatures and completely harmless to people unless disturbed and pursued. They are protected by Croatian legislations and their hunting, maltreatment or disturbance is strictly forbidden. If you happen to spot them, try taking a picture from a distance and send us your photos and videos (to or contact us by phone: 051-604666), as these will help us acquire information we need to better understand their life in the Adriatic Sea - says Draško Holcer.

    Very nice hotel with friendly staff. Good location, clean and a very nice breakfast. The owner was very helpful and drove us to the hospital and harbour when we had a slight emergency situation.

    Niklas Wallenlind
    Pixbo (SE)


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